CAA UK Drone Registration Scheme Proposed Charges

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  1. Allan Marshall says:

    Why should genuine model flyers have to register again, we are already registered with the BMFA and or LMA etc. the CAA could just use their database for our details, “SIMPLES”(and it’s already been offered), or is that the problem, it’s too simple and let’s face it the government (doesn’t matter which party) don’t like that.

    The only ones that are going to register and pay are the law abiding flyers, it’s not going to be the idiot causing problems at Gatwick, and of course he will have put his registration number in his multi-rotor so that he can be identified when it’s captured the next time he does it.

    The government and the CAA need to be told again what the difference is between a multi-rotor and a model aircraft, we shouldn’t all be labelled as ‘drones’ (although that’s what we are).

    Martin’s estimation of the number of people registering seems reasonable so his price prediction would probably follow. The BMFA have offered the CAA their database at a cost (what cost?) the fee we pay to the BMFA to be members already includes database administration costs, therefore why should members of these organisation have to pay again. Would it not be acceptable for the CAA to be allowed access to existing databases free of charge. Car and home insurance companies already allow access to DVLA etc. to monitor whether we are operating lawfully.

    We all need to register our views on the consultation link that Martin has given us, it’s no good sitting back and hoping that someone else will do it, the more people that complain the better it will be for us.

    Sheila and Allan.

  2. Martin Lynn says:

    This YouTube video is worth a watch (link below). It is nearly 25 minutes long, but it covers most of the points regarding the new proposed CAA drone charging proposals. It raises some legitimate and interesting points, on the legality of the proposal and what appear to be some extortionate costs, to set up, what is in essence a very simple computer data base.

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