Chairman’s Club Fun-Fly Day

Chairman’s Fun Fly Day 2020

This is a new club event for this year (we had to cancel it last year due to the weather), introduced by the club chairman Martin Lynn.

The event will be held on Saturday 11th July 2020 (10.00am start).

The idea is to try and encourage club members to get together for one day of the year, to partake in some light-hearted safe flying, with a few fun fly events thrown in during the day.

We will also invite members from other local clubs to join us.

There will be a few small prizes for the winners of the various events.

The events for this year will be:

  1. ETA Fixed Wing, Helicopters & Multi Rotor
    Draw a time from a hat (can be anything from 90 to 150 seconds). Flyer has to take off and land, trying to land in a time, as near as possible to the time drawn from the hat. Winner is the pilot who lands the nearest to their time. Time starts from when the wheels or skids (helicopters / multi rotor) leave the ground and ends when they wheels/skids touch back down (no transmitter timers or watches allowed).
  2. Spot Landing Fixed Wing
    Each pilot must take off and then call landing. Once the landing is called it cannot be aborted (unless for safety reasons). The pilot must touch down as near as possible to the indicated spot. This will be measured from where the wheels first touch and not where the plane stops. Each pilot will complete 3 separate landings and all 3 will be measured. All 3 distances will be added together and the pilot with the shortest total distance will be the winner.
  3. Helicopter / Multirotor Touches
    Each pilot will take off from the take-off spot. The pilot will then fly to the 3 other marked spots (can do in any order they wish) but must touch a landing skid on each of the spots. The pilot must then land back on the take-off spot. The winner will be the pilot that completes the sequence in the fastest time.
  4. Limbo Fixed Wing
    A tape (crepe paper) will be placed across the two limbo poles. Each pilot will have 3 attempts to fly under the tape and between the 2 poles. Only pilots managing to get under the tape will progress to the next round. The tape will be gradually lowered at the commencement of each round. The winner will be the pilot who flies under the lowest tape level.

I do hope members make an effort to join us for the day.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.