Coronavirus Escalation & PANDAS Flying Site 23rd March 2020

The latest government advice regarding the current Coronavirus escalation, is wherever possible for people to stay at home, unless it is essential for them to go out (i.e. essential shopping or serious medical and welfare issues).







Wakefield council have cancelled all licences, for any events in Pontefract Park for the foreseeable future (see circulation text below).

Social isolation is the key message.

As a committee we have no control over who goes into the park, as it is an open space with numerous access points.

However, the government and local authorities’ message is clear, if you do not have to go out, then please stay at home.

We have an ageing membership with many members in the vulnerable category due to their age and health issues.

On a personal note, I would rather not fly for a few months and see you all fit and well later in the year, rather than you, being no longer with us.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231

Dear Event organiser,

We appreciate this is unprecedented times. Given the recent announcement by the Prime Minister regarding the way in which we can all help to stop the virus spreading, we felt it was important the Safety Advisory Group reiterated the guidance.

It is clear that any activity which encourages mass gatherings and increased social contact is not helpful in the current circumstances. We believe all events will fall into this category. We have noticed many sports governing bodies have already made their decision nationally but would ask that independent event organisers take a serious consideration of the potential impact on their visitors, or participants. This will ensure that Wakefield does the very best it can to protect its residents, workforce and above all the demands on our NHS.

The Council has confirmed that it will cancel all of its community/street/large style events from today until further notice and until advice changes and will not support any wider events until further notice or indeed those on local authority land. For clarity this means we will not process new applications, we will freeze those in application stage, and we will suspend any current licences until the all clear is given to proceed with social interaction of this nature. We will review this process in coming weeks, but this is the current position.

The Safety Advisory Group and Local Authority recognise events are an individual event organisers decision however, as a Safety Advisory Group, we advise all events of this nature should be cancelled to support social isolation and reduce the impact on all of the blue light services. Those on local authority land will not be permitted as above.

Of course, the SAG will work hard to support/advise those events which will need to reschedule in the future but at this stage we are unsure of the period of delay required. Should your event not be on local authority land, we would be very grateful if you could inform us on your decision as soon as possible to the normal SAG inbox.

In the meantime, please do take care.

Interim Chair Safety Advisory Group

On Behalf Of The:

Wakefield Safety Advisory Group


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