PANDAS & Other Events 2019 / 2020

Club Nights 2019 /2020

Club Nights 2019 / 2020

Tuesday 2nd April 2019Club Meeting & Bring a Model Evening
Tuesday 7th May 2019Club Meeting & Visual presentation on "Gas turbine engines for models"
Tuesday 4th June 2019Club Meeting & a talk / presentation on ‘Aerial Cinematography by Drone’ by Adrian Appleyard.
Tuesday 2nd July 2019Club Meeting & Foam Cutting Demonstration
Tuesday 6th August 2019Club Meeting - CANCELLED
Tuesday 3rd September 2019Club Meeting
Tuesday 1st October 2019Club Meeting & Swap Meet (details to follow)
Tuesday 12th November 2019AGM & Club Meeting. Note not first Tuesday.
Tuesday 3rd December 2019Joining Night & Club Meeting
Tuesday 7th January 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 4th February 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 3rd March 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 7th April 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 5th May 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 2nd June 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 7th July 2020Club Meeting
Tuesday 4th August 2020Club Meeting

Club Events 2019

Sunday 21st April 2019Scale EventContact: Steve Jackson - 07551 969683
Saturday 18th May 2019Electric Fly InContact: John Thompson - 01924 515595
Sunday 19th May 2019Retro & Single Channel EventContact: Shaun Garrity - 07863 546719
Saturday 8th June 2019Chairman's Fun Fly DayContact: Martin Lynn - 07802 725231
Sunday 14th July 2019Northern Area Summer Fly InContact: Martin Lynn - 07802 725231
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2019Carrier Deck (Control line)Contact: Dave Cowburn - 01482 565847
Sunday 8th September 2019Scale EventContact: Gordon Warburton - 0113 285 2947

Horse Racing Dates and Other ‘No fly’ Dates 2019
(below are horse racing dates and other dates, when the park is in use and no flying will be permitted by club members on these days).

TUESDAY 9th APRIL – Season Opening Day
MONDAY 15th APRIL WEDNESDAY 1st MAY – Northern Racing College Charity Day