Field Booking Calendar

This calendar is for use during the coronavirus situation, to allow members to post when they intend going to the field to fly, to enable other members to have an idea who might be at the field and when. If you can not pick a day and time by clicking directly on the calendar day (if it is not working properly for you), please use the form link below and the details will be entered manually. This could take up to 12 hours to appear on the calendar.

If you make a mistake or error with a booking (wrong date or time), you cannot edit or delete it. If that happens, please use the field visit form below, to submit the correct details and ask in the comments box, for the incorrect entry to be edited or deleted. This will have to be done manually and may take a few hours to show in the calendar.
Field Visit Form

Please make sure that you comply with any government rules or guidelines that are in place, whilst at the field. These can change at short notice and are subject to regular updates. As a club, we need to be seen, to follow and comply with the current rules and guidelines.