Latest PANDAS News & Field Updates 25th June 2020

Dear PANDAS Member,

It has been a strange and different year so far, with the Coronavirus pandemic. The situation has certainly improved and the government has relaxed several of the lock down measures. I fear the virus will be with us for some time yet and caution must be the name of the game. It seems the chances of the virus spreading outdoors, as long as social distancing guidelines are maintained, is greatly reduced. We have a large field, where it is easy for members to keep 2 to 3 metres apart and still enjoy our hobby. As I have said before, members must decide, based on their own circumstances, what they choose to do.

Several members have started to return to the field to fly and some are rightly choosing to stay away, until things improve further.

Field Visit Calendar

We set up a calendar on the club website to enable members to indicate when they were going to the field, to allow other members to see how many and who might be there. This has proved a useful tool, but as the situation continues to improve, I do not think it is needed anymore and I am going to remove it from the website, in the next few days.

New Field Levelled Area

The grass has grown significantly on the new levelled area and it is ready for its first cut. The contractor who did the levelling, is going to do the first few cuts, to make sure it does not get damaged. He is going to cut it sometime in the next few days (I do not know which day yet). We are hoping it may be fit to fly on, in the next couple of weeks. We can then return to the normal flying area and space. I will let members know once we can start to use it again.









Grass Cutting

We have had a few problems with the council not cutting the strip as our agreement and Terry Lee is chasing them up to see what the problem is. When they did cut it last year, they did a good job and kept the grass short. Hopefully, we can resolve this issue quickly. We are still looking at other options to make sure we have a field, that has a surface (i.e. short grass) to fly from. A number of members have kindly cut some of the temporary flying area with the old club mower and their personal mowers (thank you for that).

Club Meetings

The club meetings are still suspended, and I think it is unlikely we will hold any meetings at the Roundhill club this year. We will continue to monitor the situation and it may change as the year progresses.

Events at the Field

We had to cancel all events at the flying field and the rule prohibiting arranged gatherings of more that 6 people remains in place. The BMFA scale technical committee are looking to hold a scale event in October (it is the one they normally hold in April). No date is set yet and it will be subject to any rules and guidelines in place at the time.

It is unlikely we will hold any other organised events at the field this year.


The introduction of the new proposed CAA legislation is now in the main, postposed until 31st December 2020. I suspect there is every likelihood it will be postposed again as we near that date. The operator number requirement has not been extended and from 1st July 2020, you must display your operator number on any aircraft that require one. The exemption not to take the CAA flying test (if you hold a BMFA proficiency test or RCC etc), has been extended until 30th December 2020 and a new exemption document (link below) was issued on 22nd June 2020. This is the document you should have with you and it replaces the previous exemptions.

Document 1395 issued 22nd June 2020

I hope everyone and their friends / families are keeping well and that life slowly returns to some sort of normality over the next few months.

If anyone has any questions or needs to clarify anything feel free to call or email me.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231

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