Grass cutting

Terry Lee  17th April 2019

We have been looking for some time for a grass cutting solution that would suit our pockets. When the council were asked to quote last year, we had a quote of around £2000 for the year. Upon asking again this year, it transpires that the quote was for a larger area on the flying site than we actually needed, & an area as big again for the control line area. This to be cut 16 times per year. This time we gave them an accurate cutting plan (see below)

The control line area is only used for two competitions per year, & it was thought that £1000 per comp. was excessive. We therefore decided not to have that area cut by the council, & we would cut it only as required. The council cutting team also thought that 16 times was too much. We agreed that 10 times per year would by ample for the pits & seating area. This new cutting plan has resulted in a cost of £260 for the year!

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Welfare Cabin

Terry Lee 17th April 2019

The cabin is now complete, & 10 chairs added.

Please do not take the chairs out of the cabin to be used on the field, there are plenty

of chairs in the other cabin for use outside. After use, please sweep out the cabin

& take your rubbish home, lets keep it clean & tidy.

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April club night

Terry Lee  3rd April 2019

45 members attended April club night for the “Bring a Model” night organised by Jim Brown.

Between then they brought 35 or so models of which 22 entered the competition.


The top ten scores were:-

Phillip Kent  –  Aeronca C-1 ‘Scout’

Paul Blakeborough  –  Pfalz D.X11

John Braithwaite  –  Short Stirling

Allan Marshall   –  Ford Flivver

Chris Dean   –  Warner Spacewalker 11

Terry Lee  –  Mig 25 Foxbat

Colin Baxter  –  Wakefield velivole canard 

Terry Lee  –  D H Venom

Colin Terry  –  Vought F7C Cutlass

Gordon Warburton  – Tiger Moth

The top four received prizes of cans of beer or boxes of biscuits.

Thanks to Jim & all who turned up to make this a memorable club night

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Welfare Cabin

Terry Lee   6th March 2019

Doors & windows have now been glazed.

Walls & ceiling are being lined for improved insulation & light reflection.

The cabin will be ready for use soon – the first event will be the ‘BMFA Scale competition’ in April



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Welfare Cabin

Terry Lee   17th February 2019


After much grinding & sawing, the dividing partition has been removed, giving us much more room to shelter on a wet day.








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Proposed plan

Terry Lee   25th January 2019


The council are proposing to build a ‘Leisure Hub’ in the park. It is to be situated alongside the old entry road (see red outline) so it should not affect our flying site.












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Welfare cabin

Terry Lee  23rd January 2019


The cabin has been repaired over the months of December & January – repair of doors, locks & flooring. The proposed inner wall/doors has been fitted & is now ready for glazing.






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Potholes filled in

Terry Lee  December 2018



On a dismal Wednesday when it was too bad for flying, some of the members brought shovels & spades instead of models.

They set to work on the pile of scalpings & filled in all the potholes on two stretches of access road. The task was completed in a couple of hours. Thanks go to the dozen or so keen members who helped.




After filling all the holes we still have a fair amount of scalpings remaining.




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New Committee elected

6th November 2018 (A.G.M.)

See Details

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