No Fly Days Horse Race Events


The club cannot access the park on these days and as such these dates will be ‘No Fly Days’ for the club.
April 2021
Tuesday 6th April 2021 (Easter)
Monday 19th April 2021
Wednesday 28th April 2021

May 2021
Friday 28th May 2021 (Evening Event)

June 2021
Monday 7th June 2021 (Evening Event)
Sunday 20th June 2021 (Fathers Day)
Monday 28th June 2021

July 2021
Tuesday 6th July 2021
Friday 16th July 2021 (Evening Event)
Sunday 25th July 2021

August 2021
Wednesday 4th August 2021 (Ladies Day)
Sunday 15th August 2021

September 2021
Friday 3rd September 2021 (Evening Event)
Thursday 16th September 2021
Thursday 23rd September 2021

October 2021
Monday 4th October 2021
Monday 18th October 2021

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