Notice of PANDAS EGM Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – Securing of funds to level the Flying Field

Dear PANDAS Member,

At the February 2020 club meeting, there was a general discussion about trying to improve the main flying area and in the main getting it back level.

The field has deteriorated significantly over the last few years and really does need some work on it, to level the undulations and hopefully give us a level and pristine flying area.

This has been discussed by previous committees but was not progressed. I am told one previous quote to do the work was in excess of £17,000.00

Committee member Graham Workfolk has spent a considerable amount of time liaising with contractors, who may be able to do the work.

We now have a contractor in mind to do the work, if members agree we should go ahead. They are specialist contractors used to doing this type of work.

For the technically minded they would do the work by power harrowing, but also use a Verdestad combo, which is a set of discs to chop up the soil. This also has levelling paddles on it, to move soil and level as it goes. The area would then be reseeded as required.

There would still be a few things to finalise, such as confirming there is enough depth in the current soil to complete the work. The contractor is aware of this and needs to double check this, by digging some small test holes.

We would also need, to make sure the council have no objections, to us doing the work (Terry Lee is going to speak to them).

The price quoted to do the work is £4450 + VAT (£5340.00).

As club chairman, I in favour of going ahead with this work, at the price quoted, subject to approval from the council and a more detailed site survey, by the contractor to confirm the work can be done, to a satisfactory standard.

‘I am therefore formally calling a club EGM at the next club meeting on Tuesday 3rd March 2020, to seek approval from the club membership, to authorise the spending, from the club’s funds, to do the work’.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.

Mobile: 07802 725 231

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  1. Gary Vause says:

    It’s ok with me it’s about time the flying site was sorted.

  1. 24th February 2020

    […] The main matter we need to discuss, is the proposal to level the field (click for details). […]

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