PANDAS 2022 AGM Update

PANDAS 2022 AGM Update

The PANDAS 2022 AGM was held last night (Tuesday 1st November).

Below are a few of the salient points / updates from the meeting.

Club Committee

The committee remained the same as last year.

Chairman – Martin Lynn
Vice Chairman – Chris Deane
Secretary – Terry Lee
Treasurer – Paul Larkman
Committee Member – Graham Worfolk
Committee Member – Allan Marshall
Committee Member – Shaun Garrity

Club Rules Changes

There were a couple of slight changes as below to the club rules:

Rule 2.

The below paragraph was added to rule number 2:

All new members joining the club after 1st January 2023, within 3 months of joining the club, as proof of competency under Article 16, must take and pass either the BMFA RCC or the CAA DMARES online knowledge tests.

Rule 26.

The wording on the last paragraph of rule 26 was amended and replaced with the below paragraph:

If the visitor does not hold a qualification similar to a BMFA achievement scheme qualification, they must fly (no turbine powered aircraft) under the direct supervision of a club member. The club member must be competent & hold at least a BMFA ‘A’ certificate. If the aircraft MTOM exceeds 7.5kgs the club member must be competent & hold at least a BMFA ‘B’ certificate / LMA Full Proficiency.

The latest club rules and constitution documents are on  the club website (links below):

Club Rules

Club Constitution


PANDAS 2023 Subscriptions / Joining Night

The club 2023 subscriptions will remain at £30.00. We have introduced a new member joining fee of £5.00 to cover key cutting and admin costs.

The next club meeting is on Tuesday 6th December 2022 and will be the club joining night. I will circulate full details shortly. As in previous years we will only be renewing your PANDAS membership. Everyone will be responsible for renewing their own BMFA membership and CAA Operator number.

The BMFA 2023 subscriptions are likely to increase by £2.00 (to £42.00) for a full adult member. This has yet to be ratified at the BMFA  AGM on Saturday 19th November.

It would be useful to the committee, to assist with planning for next year and to plan for the December meeting if members could let us know if they intend to re-join PANDAS for 2023 and whether they intend coming to the December joining night meeting.

There is a short online form link below to let us know (it only takes a few seconds to complete):

Online Form Link

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231

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