PANDAS Chairman Members Updates April 2021

PANDAS Chairman Members Updates April 2021

Cabin, Toilet & Entry Gate Security

There have been a number of instances recently when the cabins, toilet & gate locks have been left insecure.

If you are not sure how to secure the cabin and toilet, please ask someone who does and get them to show you.

If you are leaving the field and other members are still there, please ask & check that the people still there know how to secure the toilet and cabins.

It is the responsibly of the last person leaving to make sure the toilet, cabins and entry gate are secured properly.

Article 16

The PANDAS website has links (under the Article 16 Tab at the top of the page) to all the relevant pages that may be needed under Article 16. The actual published legal Article 16 document has not changed since it was first published. However, both the BMFA and LMA have continued to maintain dialogue with the CAA and AAIB.

In relation to the occurrence / incident / accident reporting requirements under Article 16, they have agreed some new protocols. I have included a link below to the BMFA website page detailing these arrangements. You basically enter the details of what happened and it tells you if you need to report anything and who to.

The main change is to the reporting of what they call ‘Accidents’ to the AAIB. As the legislation stands, if you are taking off and somehow crash your aircraft, causing significant damage to the airframe, you must report it to the AAIB (that is what the law currently says).

The BMFA and LIMA are saying that as long as there is no endangerment /  endangering (their words not mine), to people or property, you do not have to report it. These words are not used anywhere in the current Article 16 legal agreement. It is a practical approach and makes sense. However, the legal document has not been amended (hopefully in time it will be) and it is not what the published law says you must do.

Personally, I think there should be some sort of signed written letter or memorandum of understanding in place, if we are telling members you do not have to follow the written letter of the law (if there is one in place, I am not aware of it and have not seen it).

BMFA Power National Barkston Heath 2021- CANCELLED

The BMFA power nationals due to be held in August have been cancelled for this year. Click below for full details:

Club Meetings

We will continue to hold the monthly club meetings using the online ZOOM meeting platform, until it is safe and lawful to return to the Roundhill club meeting venue and hold the traditional face to face club meetings.

The next online club Zoom meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 4th May 2021 @ 7.30pm (link below):

BMFA Scale Event PANDAS Flying Site

The PANDAS flying site will be hosting a BMFA scale event on Sunday 2nd May 2021 (link below):

PANDAS members can enter the event free of charge.

PANDAS members are welcome to come and spectate (we need to know if you are coming for the covid track and trace calendar). Depending on numbers taking part in the event, there may be the possibility of some normal club flying during the day, but that is not guaranteed.

If anyone has any questions about club activities or any of the new legislation, feel free to call or email me.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231


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