PANDAS Chairman’s Letter to CAA Re Proposed Drone Legislation & Registration with Updates

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  1. Martin Lynn says:

    I have now made a formal complaint about the conduct of Mr Moriarty and the CAA in general through there official complaints system

    I am director of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), representing clubs in the BMFA Northern area, I represent around 70 clubs with about 3000 members.

    I emailed the CAA CEO, Mr Moriarty (copy below), on the 4th May 2019, in my capacity as a director of the BMFA, in relation to the new proposed CAA Drone Regulations & Charges planned for November this year.

    On the 22nd May 2019, I received a generic response email from someone named Louie Jacombs.

    This reply was full of waffle and did not deal with any of the points or questions I had raised.

    I had already completed the consultation document referred to in the email.

    I do not expect a generic response which does not answer any of the points I raised.

    I sent a letter by registered post on 23rd May 2019, outlining how this generic response was totally unsatisfactory. I asked that the points and questions I raised, be dealt with as a matter of urgency, to enable me to update the members I represent. I have proof that this letter was received at the CAA head office on 24th May 2019. To date you have not even had the common courtesy to acknowledge its receipt and have not dealt with any of the issues or points I raised.

    I now wish to register a formal complaint against Mr Moriarty and the CAA in general, regarding their conduct and failure to deal with the contents of my email and letter, in a timely and satisfactory manner.

    Copies of all the correspondence are available.


    Martin Lynn.


    BMFA Director.
    Pontefract Model Aero Club Chairman.
    Dewsbury Model Aero Club Membership Secretary & Treasurer.
    Huddersfield Model Aero Club Member.

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