PANDAS Field Return to Normal Flying Area – Wednesday 19th August 2020

Dear PANDAS Member,

We marked out the field today, so members can return to flying from the main strip on the new levelled area.

There is a line for the flags and a pilot box area in the centre just behind that. For extra safety, the short piece of orange plastic fencing with the steel pins, can be used on the pilot box line.

Behind and to the left and right of the pilot line, we have marked 2 start up areas. Please use these and do not start or power your aircraft in the pits area or directly behind the pilot box area.

We have also made an area to fly control line aircraft over to the left of the field behind the main flight line. There is a circle marked for the control line pilots to stand in. This will be subject to review and if it proves problematic may be subject to change. Due to the infrequency of any control line aircraft been flown and the fact it was not practical or cost effective, to maintain a separate control line area, on the top field when no one ever used it, it was felt this was worth a try.

We are still trying to resolve the grass cutting once and for all. There are a few issues with the council not always cutting it on time as our arrangement. Also, the council tractor and gang mower can leave marks if the grass is wet. They do have vehicles fitted with special tyres to prevent this. However, they are expensive to maintain and they can not guarantee they will always be available.

We do not have capability to cut the grass ourselves at the moment and if it is too long, we cannot fly. Long term I would like it shorter than it is now. It seems a never-ending task to resolve the grass cutting on a permanent basis.

We will keep trying.

We are still hoping to hire  a roller in the next couple of weeks to roll the new levelled area.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231


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