PANDAS Field Visit Calendar & Flying Field Updates / Temporary Field Markings

Dear PANDAS Member,

The PANDAS field was opened today (Wednesday 20th May 2020), after the slight easing of the government lockdown rules. Current field rules / guidelines link below:

The newly levelled field area is showing some signs of grass growth, but it has a long way to go and is desperately in need of some rain. It is asked that members avoid landing or walking on the new area wherever possible. We have spoken to the contractor and if needed he will reseed it, if it does not grow properly.

We have marked a temporary area with temporary pilot spots, start-up area and some lines where members can sit, in an attempt to make sure members avoid the new levelled area. All these markings are at least 3 metres apart. There are more than 2 of each to accommodate any changes, that might come in force about numbers, allowed at the field in the future. P = Pilot Spot, S = Start Up Area and the Straight Lines are where people can sit (subject to social distancing rules & numbers allowed) just in front of the drainage ditch (pictures below):

Temporary Field Markings

PANDAS Pilot Spot
PANDAS Sitting Line
PANDAS Start Up PANDAS Pilot Spot PANDAS Sitting Line

Some members are having problems with the field visit calendar. When they try to enter the dates and times directly from the calendar it does not work. (I am not sure why it works for some but not others).

I have created  a page on the club website that shows the calendar (link below). There is also a link on the top tool bar on the website. If you click a day, it should let you enter your name and times you are intending to visit the field.

You will still need the password, which was circulated to all members earlier by email.

If that does not work, click the link at the top of the page entitled ‘Field Visit Form’. This will bring up a form for you to enter the details. I will then have to update the calendar manually, once you submit the form. It could therefore take up to 12 hours before the details appear on the live calendar.

If you make a mistake (wrong date or time), you cannot edit or delete the entry yourself. If something needs changing, use the ‘Field Visit Form’ for the correct details and show in the comments box, the entry that needs changing or deleting.

If anyone has any questions or is not sure what to do, please give me  a call or email me.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231



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