PANDAS Flying Field Access from Monday 14th September 2020 COVID Update

Dear PANDAS Members,

From Monday 14th September 2020, the government has once again changed the legislation / guidance relating to what people can and cannot do, regarding the current Coronavirus pandemic.

I think most people are tired and frustrated at the regular changes and there are many ways if you look at the legislation, you could attempt to get round it.

The over riding factor is, that as a club, we want our members to be safe, comply with the law and not put our members or anyone else, at risk, of catching or spreading the virus.

There is a link to the current BMFA view on it below:

The main gist of the new laws/guidelines, is that people (from different households), cannot socialise in groups of 6 or more. There is no definition of socialise that I can find. We fly in a public park. If 100 people went to the park and were sat in groups of 6 or less, but some distance apart, from what I can see, they are there legally and are not breaking the law.

We have no power to stop club members or members of the public visiting the park for a walk, run, cycle or whatever else they choose to go there for.

You can have more than 6 people, at an organised event or at organised sport, if you can show you are corvid secure. From a legal point of view, model flying is classed as a sport.

The rules / guidelines below, form part of what is required to show the flying site is Covid secure.

I do not really want to over complicate things and with some common sense and member co-operation, I think we can continue to fly, without too many problems. We could have a formal booking system, but hopefully we can avoid that. Not all members are computer savvy and booking systems are far from perfect.

I am therefore looking for members support and ask that members follow the below rules / guidelines, if they intend to go to the PANDAS flying site to fly:

  1. Restrict flying to 4 members on the flight line at one time (all at least 2 metres apart).
  2. Members indicate up to 14 days in advance what date and time they are intending to visit the field (you can do it the day before you intend going, it does not mean you have to best guess when you’re going in the next 14 days) . This can be done by utilising the PANDAS WhatsApp Group, text message (07802 725 231) or email Please supply your full name, date you’re going, together with the times you are planning to arrive and leave the field.  You can also use the PANDAS field visit online form (link below). I will then update the club Google calendar (link below) 2 or 3 times a day and members will be able to see who is going to the field and when. I am not going to be sat glued to a computer all day and it could take a few hours before your planned visit appears on the calendar. A day or two’s notice would be helpful. This information will only be used for any official track and trace enquires. The calendar entries will be deleted 21 days after the date of the visit.
  3. Members are asked to check the BMFA membership portal and make sure their contact details are up to date (full name, phone number, email address and home address). To assist with compliance for data protection requirements, the club use the portal to keep member details.
  4. If more than 6 members are at the flying site, keep in separate groups of 6 or less, but a good distance apart (3 metres minimum would be best).
  5. A maximum of 30 members at the flying site at any one time (this is a Wakefield Council stipulation under our licence agreement).
  6. As well as the normal flight line flags, place the two Covid 2 metre social distance warning signs on the metal pins, in the ‘Keep Clear’ areas by the bridge.
  7. Always maintain social distancing (minimum 2 metres, 3 is better).
  8. Bring your own hand sanitiser with you and use it as required.
  9. Use your hand sanitiser before and after opening any of the gate or cabin locks.
  10. Only open the storage cabin to take out the safety flags and covid warning signs. Do not use the cabin as a gathering area.
  11. The welfare cabin will remain locked.
  12. As far as possible avoid handling anyone else’s aircraft or equipment. If you have to, use your hand sanitiser before and after.
  13. If any member shows any symptoms of having the Corona Virus do not attend the flying site (check the government website).

PANDAS Calendar

PANDAS Field Visit Form

The club Google calendar is open for anyone to view. If anyone is concerned about their proper name being visible for anyone to see on the calendar, I will use your initials or an alias name. Please let me know which you would prefer, if you do not want your proper name to be used.

If anyone has any questions or needs to clarify anything, please feel free to call or email me.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231

Other Documents

Members Update 17th September 2020



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