PANDAS Member Updates March 2020 & Coronavirus

Dear PANDAS Member,

The Coronavirus epidemic seems to be getting worse with most flights and holidays for people already cancelled this year.








I attended the BMFA Area Council Meeting in Leicester on Saturday 14th March, in my role as BMFA Northern area delegate.

The Corona virus situation was discussed at some length and it was basically decided that it should be up to individual clubs and areas, to decide what they want to do, subject to government guidance/instructions and any local laws/guidance that may be put in place.

The latest government advice, as of 6.00pm today (Monday 16th March), is that everyone should stay at home and avoid any non-essential travel. They are also asking that people do not attend pubs, clubs, theatres, cinemas, social functions or other social interactions.

The PANDAS flying site is in the open air and it is up to members to decide themselves whether they choose to go to the field or not. The government advice is to stay at home.

The BMFA scale event scheduled for Sunday 26th April is now postponed until Sunday 27th September 2020, subject to the virus situation being under control by then.

The next club meeting on Tuesday 7th April is the, ‘Bring a Model Evening’. In view of the current government request/advice, this event will be cancelled and I am looking to cancel the next 3 months club meetings, unless there is a significant change in the situation.

The BMFA Northern Area ‘Flight Fest’ event on 16th & 17th May at the PANDAS flying site will be cancelled, as the idea was to encourage members of the public to attend.

There are several public events in Pontefract Park later in the year, including the ‘Armed Forces Day’. Unless things change drastically for the better, it seems most likely, they will be cancelled.

As a club we will just to have take things day by day and follow any government advice. As far as possible, we will try to continue as normal and keep members up to date if we have to cancel or reschedule any events.

On a more positive note, it may give us time to get the field levelling done and in place ready to fly for the summer. I was in touch with our contractor on Friday and he has completed the spraying of the grass killer today (Monday 16th March). It will most likely be around 2 weeks until they can start the actual field levelling work.

If anyone has any questions / problems, about the field levelling work or anything else, please feel free to call or email me.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.
Mobile: 07802 725 231 


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