Pontefract BMFA Scale Day Event Sunday 26th April 2020

Pontefract BMFA Scale Event Sunday 11th October 2020
PANDAS Flying Site (Pontefract Park, site open from 9.00am)

This event is currently going ahead but is subject to confirmation nearer the date (as of 27/6/2020).

This is a Scale Flying Only competition to BMFA rules and is organised by the Scale Tech Committee. In Flying Only scale competition there is no ‘Builder of the Model’ rule, so you are at liberty to fly an ARTF, or a model built by someone else as long as it is a reasonable replica of a full-size aircraft (that is a scale model) The competition is open to any scale model under 15Kgs and there is, for the first time this year, a sub-class for models weighing less than 5Kgs. These will fly along the rest of the competition but will be placed separately under ‘Light Scale’ with certificates awarded accordingly.

Competitors are required to make two flights each of which contain ten judged manoeuvres, in each of these flights there are four mandatory manoeuvres, these are Take Off, Figure 8, Descending Circle and Landing. The other six manoeuvres are chosen by the competitor before their flight and are written down on a Flying Score Sheet which must be given to the judges before take-off. A range of either aerobatic, or non-aerobatic manoeuvres can be chosen to suit your aircraft, these are listed on the Flying Score Sheet which can be downloaded from the Scale Tech Committee Website (scale.bmfa.org) along with copies of the BMFA scale rules which provide diagrams on how each manoeuvre should ideally be flown.

Newcomers to scale competition are especially welcome and we will supply any help and support that we can. It is really not as serious as it all sounds, come along and have a go, I am sure you will enjoy yourself!

The cost for entry to this event is £NYK. However entry for PANDAS members is free.

Flying only R/C scale. Nationals F/O and World Champs Team flying score qualifier. Enter on the day. 9.45 pilots briefing. All are welcome.

Additional Info
Newcomers to scale competition welcome, help and support freely given. Don’t hesitate to ring for a chat. ARTF scale models welcome in flying only as long as they as are a reasonable representation of a full-size aircraft.


Event Organiser: Steve Jackson

Mobile: 07551 969 683

Email: Stephenjackson723@gmail.com

List of manoeuvres.

Take Off                                               (including climb-out and 900 turn)
Figure eight                                                             (900 + 3600 + 2700)
Descending Circle                                       (3600, descent below 6 m.)
Inside Loop
Roll – Variation 1                                                                         
Roll – Variation 2                                                                          
Roll off the Top/Immelman Turn
Split ‘S’/Reversal#
Stall Turn                                                   (direction away from judges)
Normal Spin (Three Turn)

Cuban Eight – Variation 1

Cuban Eight – Variation 2
Lazy Eight                     (direction away from judges, minimum bank 60o)

Derry Turn

Inverted Flight                                                  (1/2 roll – 100m – 1/2 roll)
Wingover                       (direction away from judges, minimum bank 60o)
Sideslip                                     (minimum yaw 20o, descent below 5 m.)
Touch and Go                      (main wheels on ground for minimum of 5m.)
Extend and Retract Landing Gear or Flaps           (nominate either)
Drop Bombs

Parachute Demonstration

Flight in straight line with one engine throttled  (min.100m)
    Chandelle.                                                            (1800 Climbing turn)
Flight in a Triangular Circuit                 (sides minimum length 150m.)
Flight in a Rectangular Circuit            (sides min lengths 75m x150m)
Straight Flight at Low Speed                                    (min.100m,<6m)
Overshoot or Go-around                                          (at approx. 3m.)
Procedure turn                                       (90o away from judges +270o )