We are very privileged to be able to fly in such a beautiful and spacious setting. However, because this is a public park we must always apply a high level of safety to protect the future of PANDAS members so the club can continue to operate as it has done since 19th March 1974. Members are therefore required to make note of any accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences in the provided accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrence report file located in the club’s cabin.

Accident: – is any unplanned event that results in personnel injury or damage to property or equipment.

Incident: – is an unplanned, undesired event that hinders completion of a task and may cause injury or other damage.

Dangerous Occurrence or Near Miss: – describe incidents where, given a slight shift in time or distance, injury, ill-health or damage easily could have occurred, but didn’t this time.

Members must always set out the provided flight line flags to give a safe distance from the flight line to the edge of the pits area. If you are unsure about the distance, please speak to any of the committee or Instructors.

Drone pilots using GPS systems be safe and check Solar weather before flying. Do not fly when Kpi is above 4 into the red band.

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