Don’t forget, to fly solo at our site, you must hold the BMFA  A certificate. 


Training is now available any day of the week weather permitting. Ian Winstanley is PANDAS Training Officer

Phone him for all training related questions on


In case of difficulty contact Geoff Quinn PANDAS Secretary


If you don’t have your own model or radio equipment, please come down & seek advice from one of the instructors.

BMFA have produced a training manual that will help you getting started.

You can download it here


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Fixed Wing power ‘A’,’B’ & ‘BPC’ test guidance

Download here

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These are some of the instructors who will be helping you.


Michael Terry
Examiner &
Mode 2 instructor


Terry Lee
Examiner &
Mode 1 instructor


Graham Worfolk
Mode 2 instructor


Allan Marshall
Mode 2 instructor


Jim Brown


Neil Fletcher


Ian Winstanley