Multi Copters






BMFA have set up a list of model flying clubs that operate

drone/multicopter training sessions, Click here for details.



'NATS' is the UK's main air traffic control provider,

& they have prepared the 'Dronesafe' set of rules.

Click here to view



BMFA have published new blog in their website.

Multi-Rotor Tests Guidance Video released.
The Achievement Scheme Review Committee have produced a Multi-Rotor

tests guidance video for candidates and examiners.

This is the first of a series of videos that we hope to produce going forward, we welcome your feedback.

The video explains the different type of multi-rotor,

& the various modes of control, i.e. Manual, Ati (attitude) & G.P.s.

BMFA tests can only be taken in manual mode.


View video