CAP 722F CAA Publication – August 2021

Dear PANDAS Members,

The CAA have published their latest document titled Unmanned Aircraft System Operations – Model Aircraft Operations Policy and Guidance (CAP 722F).

The document relates specifically to the flying of unmanned aircraft. I have had an initial read of the document and at first glance it does not seem to alter or change anything that we are currently doing.

I need to read it (40 pages) in more detail before I am satisfied we are fully complying with the current legislation.

There is more detail about flying display licenses and what is required. I suspect this will put a stop to most clubs flying at smaller events such as a local fete or events such as the Armed Forces Day at Wakefield. You have to apply for a display licence, to legally fly at  events such as these.

There is more information about over 7.5kgs aircraft flying above 400 feet and what is required. Our field is licensed for any aircraft weighing over 7.5kgs but under 25kgs to fly up to 1400 feet. You must be a BMFA member to use this permission. If we did have any visitors who were not a BMFA member (say LMA member only), they could not fly above 400 feet with an over 7.5kgs aircraft at our field. Our club rules also dictate that you must hold a BMFA ‘B’ certificate and have a competent observer.

There is more information about over 25kgs aircraft and what is required. Most of the management for this now falls to the Large Model Association (LMA). If you want to fly over 25kgs aircraft above 400 feet you have to apply to the LMA and obtain a permit as you do with the BMFA for the 7.5kgs to 25 kgs aircraft. You would also have to be a member of the LMA (it is covered by the LMA’s Article 16 agreement not the BMFA’s).

As soon as I have read and understood the document fully I will circulate any updates to the membership if they are required.

Martin Lynn,
PANDAS Chairman.

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