At this evenings meeting the vast majority of those present voted to spend up to £2,500 to buy another 20ft x 8ft container, this one modified as half storage and half office with vandal proof window and door. The unit is currently in Chesterfield and will be collected shortly. Tomorrow 20 tons of road planings will be delivered to begin improvements to the access road. Although our new mower has not yet appeared I am assured it is imminent. Appreciation to Ron Shaw for organising all this and going the extra mile in lending us his 3 gang mower until delivery of our own. Thanks Ron. If you want to lend a hand with improvements please contact me. 


Peter O’Keeffe


Tuesday 5/6/18



 One of the largest clubs in the U.K, affiliated to the BMFA, we cater for all aircraft disciplines including control line and multi rotor flying (Drones).

We have a site that allows different aircraft disciplines to be flown concurrently in the centre of Pontefract race course.

Throughout the year we host various competitions, open to other clubs and individuals which can been viewed on our Events page and encourage members of the public to come and fly our training aircraft with our highly experienced instructors.